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I am very glad I did read it!!!!

on 20 July 2011. Posted in Reviews by Readers

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By Sunny
Book_TheForbiddenGame_Vol1This review is from: Good Reads:  The Forbidden Game

Okay, this is the weirdest review I have ever done, so don't give me a hundred "not helpful votes" please. I am just trying to be honest.

The first part of the book Jenny is looking to buy a game (at a game store) because she is having a group of friends coming over to her house to hang out. At the game store she chooses the most "unusual" game to buy because the "guy" at the game store talks her into buying this particular game. Fast forward a little - Julian (the guy at the store) is actually from the dark world. He has been watching Jenny for years, from a far and is totally in love with her. He wants her with him in his world. Jenny's boyfriend thinks differently. Any hoo...Jenny's friends start the game not knowing that it is a "forbidden game". It turns out that the game is magical... and here are the rules - if Julian wins, he gets Jenny - if Jenny and her friends win, they go free. Simple right? - Wrong - because Julian is in charge of the game.

The characters are all likeable. Julian (the villain), you have a love/hate kind of thing going on. This book takes you thru 3 books. This book is the most unique book I have ever read! Smith did an excellent job of making this a book so that you are so far drawn in, you will stay up till 4 in the morning to see how it ends.

I think it is a possibility that it is one of the best books I have ever read.

***Possible Spoiler***

However, to do it all over - I would not have read the book!!! The ending broke my heart, literally. I cried so much at the ending that I was dripping tears on the pages. I have never reacted to a book this strongly. I finished reading it at 4am and cried in bed until 6am. The next morning my husband asked me what was wrong and I just started crying all over again and then I had to explain to him I was crying over a "fiction book". He hugged me and asked me to tell him the story and then he let me cry some more. (I have the best husband in the world!!) So...............I know this is a weird review. I wish I had never opened the book because it haunts me.

***Update to Spoiler***

I read this book back in July of 2009 - nearly a year ago when I first wrote my review. I feel differently now. I am so glad I read the book. Since then I have learned sometimes to make a great book, you don't necessarily have to have a perfect "Happily Ever After". Actually - not having a perfect "Happily ever After" is what sometimes makes the most excellent books!!! So - looking back - I am very glad I did read it!!!!

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