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0 # questionaiveen 2011-12-02 17:45
How long is it gonna take to release the tenth book of the Night World 'Strange Fate'?
I am really excited to read that book.
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0 # RE: questionMaja 2012-09-12 12:36
Hey there! The book is not yet finished and the publication date is not set. Lisa's working on the book to make sure it's just perfect for us readers. :lol: :) The only real publication date is, or rather will be, on this site. Amazon and some other sites posted fake dates not aprooved by Lisa or her publisher. There's a sneak peek in the Stories section and a lot of spoilers in Guestbook12 and the Forum, so join in!
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Brandon Lizer
0 # StatementBrandon Lizer 2011-12-11 13:56
L.j. smith is a Great writer you are a lucky Publisher
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0 # future bookssofia 2012-08-22 14:07
Hi S&S :lol:

Thank you for contributing to the new york bestseller list by hiring Lisa.
She has been on their list in the 90's and when her books were re-printed in recent times, those book have shared that success again, with a new set of teens.
And this has equaled in other Lisa series's to be made into a tv show.
No other author can delve into a teen's mind so successfully, after a difficuilt 10 yr break.

Do you have any such plans for the series's you contracted Lisa for, either tv or film?

And finally for my request, pls CONSIDER continuing the massively successful & popular FORBIDDEN GAME SERIES.
And a new beginning for The Sexy Julian...
"One Throw Of The Dice, What Do You Say-?"
" Are You Game?" - that should be part of the synopsis, pls.

And Lastly A BIG THANK YOU For Allowing Me To Reach A Full Circle By Having The Opportunity To Finally Read Strange Fate, After 10+ yrs of waiting.
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+1 # Strange Fate?Guest 2017-08-13 02:07
Still no release date? I saw you published a box set to release this month and it lists the Night World as a 9-book series. Does that mean Strange Fate will not be published?
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